Late Winter, Early Spring

A favorite video of mine right now.

Here in the mountains, Feb. has brought lots of changes this year once again flooding has come from pouring rains, not just melting snows. The last couple of weeks has been especially bad. I pray constantly about this.  The Lord has been good to me.

The Easter flowers have popped up early, and the willows began to green even in Jan. I still hope the fruit trees aren’t caught in a late cold snap that ruins the harvest for the year.
All the talk is of seed catalogs, and what changes to make. I did not even have a garden the last two years, but I am hopping for a couple of small raised bed containers. I have seeds I bought from a kind lady in West Virginia last fall, mostly flowers, but I also saved back a few veggie seeds myself that I hope to plant.

I hope the Spring finds you well and blessed. I hope your joys out weigh your sorrows. I hope you feel loved by the Lord and that He is close to you always. I hope for good for you all the days of your life.


M.K. said…
THank you, Annie! I also have heard of so much rain in the mountains west of us this year - flooding, and schools called off for washed out roads, etc. We have not had that here, although we get flooding regularly from ocean storms that come in, dumping rain. May you stay safe and content in the Lord.
Unknown said…
Hello Annie and hope you're keeping dry; I've been keeping up with Tazewell and the flooding has been fierce! To be sure the Cove has flooded but it always does in heavy rains.
There's been a fair share of rain at Thistle Cove Farm; some said we had as much as 5 inches last week. I had a dickens of a time keeping the pond regulated; opened the overflow valve several times.
I'm not sure you received my notes - asked for your snail to send you a card and also asked for something my memory won't release. oh, wait, I asked who your husband is because I'm flummoxed. You said he remembered something I'd told him but...???
If you get down this way, come for a visit...beds are clean and food plentiful.
Grace and plenty to you and yours!
Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm
Farm Girl said…
Hello Annie,
I am so glad you posted. Its been a long time. I am sorry you are having flooding. My son and his wife moved to North Carolina. I hope to get over to that side of the world soon.
I hope you have a lovely 2020