The Road Home, by Beverly Lewis, a book review

Hello Friends,

Here I am again with another wonderful book written by beloved Beverly Lewis!

This is a wonderful book based on Lena Rose Schwartz, and the loss of her parents causing the separation of all the children.  Lena, as oldest has the farthest to travel in this journey from Michagan to Lancaster, where she goes to live with her Uncle and Aunt.  Her Aunt has been grieving the estrangement of her daughter, and Lena comes to fill the workspace as well as the heart of the grieving mother.  But when the daughter begins to show signs of resentment at Lena’s presence not only in the business but in her old bedroom, Lena must deal with even more upheaval and sense of grief.

Lena has also not heard from her beau, and aches to see him.  Feelings of abandonment and rejection threaten to overwhelm her.  When a new man has shown an interest in her friendship, she must decide if it is fair to build a relationship with someone you plan to leave behind.    The keen loss of her youngest brother’s presence is not helping, and when news of his own broken heart comes it only adds to the burden she is already having to bear.

When the opportunity to go home presents itself, she is forced to choose between supporting her Aunt, or filling her hearts desire, and going home.   A servants heart, or her own desires, this book follows the journey Lena takes to get home where she longs to be.

I was supplied with this wonderful book by Bethany House to review.  These are my opinions, and the only compensation I received.


What a great header photo; beautiful!
Laura Lane said…
I'll bet this is a really good book.
Glad I dropped by tonight.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Cheryl said…
Hi, Annie! Can you please email me privately? I need to contact you about a giveaway you entered at my blog. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, and God bless!
Laura Lane said…
Praying tonight....

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