Noelle A Book Review

This is a very good book, but it does get off to a slow start.   I honestly did not like the beginning because it involves the neglect of animals, and unfeeling characters.  It takes a bit of time for the story to evolve to the point where you want to continue reading it.

Noelle is a unattractive dog thrust into the middle of Christmas in a small town.  She has no bounds to her energy and is into everything.  Todd, the young man that rescues her is trying to train her to be a service dog at the new no kill animal shelter.  But Todd has problems of his own, and needs to find a way to tell his parents that he has moved into an apartment with his girlfriend.  He also finds out pretty quickly that he is going to be a Dad himself, even with his learning disabilities, and a handicapped fianc√© he is sure he can get everything “in order”.

Todd’s parents are dealing with Hank retiring from his role of Santa Claus, and have to find a way to salvage Christmas for the children.  His Mom comes up with Anna Claus, Santas’s wife from the North Pole who wants the children to learn to love to give, not just get.  She takes her show on the road, with Noelle as her helper elf, and the laughs and happiness of the children abound.

Todd’s Dad has to plan a secret wedding to surprise his wife, and bring the family together for Christmas.  But how is he going to do that with the aches and pains of old age, and feeling his strength decline.

Meanwhile Will and Abbey are divorcing, and their children are suffering from Will’s drinking and driving.  Will is sentenced to community service at the new animal shelter, and Noelle takes on Will to rescue him, and his family.  Will the divorce happen?  Will his children be able to forgive him?
Find out in this heartwarming tale of Christmas miracles that rescue families, and the spirit of love in a small town.

I received this book from Blogging For Books.  The opinions are my own.  I received no other compensation.

This is an enduring book. 


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