Book Review: The Keto Reset Diet, Reboot Your Metabolism In 21 Days

The Keto Reset Diet, Reboot Your Metabolism In 21  Days And Burn Fat Forever by Mark Sisson, with Brad Kearns is a book based on the Ketogenic diet of eating fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel. Carbohydrates are not an essential food source, but fat and proteins are.  This book bases its premise on this position, the low end of the scale being 20 grams of carbs per day to the high end of the scale of 50 carbs per day.  These carbs would need to come from leafy greens, with no grains, sugar, or starch included.  This book emphasizes the reduction of inflammation when starchy carbs are removed, as well as a feeling of increased mental clarity, and energy levels when consuming fats as fuel.  The book states in 21 days you can enter ketosis  state and that when you consume these fats,you are basically turning your body to burn the excess fat it has stored.  The book says you will not feel hungry, and that your blood sugars can stabilize, without the highs and lows people have based on insulin reactions you get when you eat carbs.
When you are able to burn the  stored fat, you will lose weight, even excessive amounts of it.  This book includes recipes, charts, and exercise tips to help you decrease your dependence on carbs, and to help you implement  this program and change your life.  
I have spent several months reading about this lifestyle change.  I have not  honestly made this switch  yet.  The thought of eating all that fat, moderate protein,  and low carbs has seemed very foreign to me.  For years I have read, low fat, high protein, and certain complex carb limits per meal to be the answer to weight control.  This approach is different, it is based on eating bacon, eggs, heavy whipping cream, butter, cream cheese, and fatty meats.  It seems to fly in the face of everything we have been taught the last few decades  of mainstream health talk.  But that being said, I do hope to implement a large reduction of carbs in my life. I will try it to see if it can make a difference in my overall health.    I hope that many of these recipes can be and explored. I would like to see if the authors are correct.    I have read on other sites that it is possible to reverse  diabetes from this type of lifestyle.  I have also read that the initial cholesterol effects may rise, but through continued following o& this lifestyle that the numbers will stabilize, and that high triglycerides will fall. I would 
Iike  to see that happen in my husband’s health. .I received this book to review from Blogging For Books, there is no other compensation to me, what I have written are my own opinions.


Farm Girl said…
I was interested to see that you were afraid of this diet. I have learned a lot about health in the last few years. It is hard to go against all of the years of no fat diets pounded into my brain. I do eat butter now and eggs and whole milk and sour cream. My husband thrives on no gluten.
The fat does heal a lot because our brains need it. Have you read Dead Doctors don't Lie by Dr. Joel Wallach? I would say that his program has brought the most healing to me. It is good Annie that you are investigating.

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