Small Talk, Fall Sliding In, Summer Slipped Away.

Hello Friends!

Ordinary days here in the hills, I can't believe how time has flown, and Autumn has come. Only a week away, so says the calendar, but it is my most favorite season.  So I will take it early.

Some recent photos, my favorite author, Beverly Lewis, has written another wonderful book, The Proving.  I enjoyed it greatly, based on going home, and forgiveness between sisters.  It twines through a lovely Amish Bed & Breakfast, the kind we'd all like to go to enjoy.  Mandy must take a journey back to her home in the heart of Amish country, grieving after her mother, she finds very quickly that she can not fill her mother's shoes, and the community is not welcoming to her either.  Finding herself with an inn to fill, and a sharp tongued boarder, she wonders if it is more than she can bear.  Her cooking skills, mostly nonexistent,  are not meeting her guests expectations, and looking across the way, she constantly sees the life her sister has stolen from her, one that should have been hers except for her sister's betrayal. It is a very good book, if you are an Amish fan.  I love this cover photo!  It is the same lovely shape of face on a beautiful cameo.  I love cameos!

Sharing  photos, my poor flower garden currently in trenches due to run off from the Town.  They refuse to remedy their problem, so here I am digging by hand two trenches down, three more to go, in the hopes that this winter finds me in a better position than I have previously seen.

An unfiltered eclipse photo, and my beautiful mountains, and clouds from Irma, after her recent pass through.

The old mill, we're hoping to go there again soon when the open it up and have live music and good food next month.

A trash picked big bird house, I am working on repairing.  Soon, after I add in some reinforcement, I plan to put in some lights, colored leaves, and some birds I hope to make.  Then I plan to pass it on to someone else.  It is so big, almost three feet tall, and  I have no intention of keeping it.  But there I go again, rescuing  a relic to save it off the side of the road.  Yes, that is a dinosaur nose peaking in my door, and my favorite ball cap hanging there on the door knob!

That is not the only treasure.  I was working on this trash picked coffee table last winter, here it sits still awaiting the rest of the freehand work.  Last winter it was on my bucket list.  Well, my bucket leaked, and this project is still sitting here hoping I will breathe new life back into it.

I hope you have a wonderful Autumn, and that in spite of all the weather traumas of the year, that you have found joy in the midst of your days!

Many blessings!  Annie


Here's hoping the leaks in your bucket are fixed soon and your to-do list grows shorter. Mom like Beverly Lewis but I've never read her books. Grrrr on the town for being not so nice about run-off...were it the other way 'round, you'd sure be put in the dog house.
Laura Lane said…
What a beautiful life you are building a day at a time. Enjoy my dear!

I've been feeling better. I hope to get some things done this week. Surgery looms next month.

Be blessed,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

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