Found In My Garden Yesterday

You never know what will turn up in your garden.  I found this yesterday!

Not mine!  
A neighbor said she was "baby sitting" it, she just turned it out.  It found my garden.  My son and I fed it some of my corn.  Later after we came back in the car it ran to the fence squealing for more.  Today when I got there, here it came to the fence again.  I got it part of an ear of corn out of the fridge.  There wasn't any left from yesterday outside.  It pretty well wallowed out. what was still growing.  Poor baby, it's attached to me already.  Something to laugh about on this cool, rainy afternoon.  It had been on the porch during the night, trying to get in the door.  My folks thought it s a bear, glad it was not.  Life in the mountains of home.


Felicia said…
LOL that's something to find in your garden. Now you have a pet pig!!!
Farm Girl said…
Poor baby! I am glad it found a nice safe place in your garden.
I imagine it is some ones baby. :) Cute pictures.
Laura Lane said…
Oh wow! Is it your pig?

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