My Garden has begun to bloom, and a giveaway I won

Hello friends!

My pretty daylilys and bee balm have begun to bloom.  We have had so much rain recently, everything has been water logged.  I am thankful though, last year we experienced many months of severe drought, and heat.  Just sharing a bit of color, and weeds!  Just ignore those, I can't keep up.  One foolish thing I have learned, if I get out in those flowers early in the year I ultimately kill my best ones trying to get rid of the weeds.  So I just learned to let most of them be, until later on after it is all bloomed out, then I will clear them all.  Not sure why, but I think they just plain don't want to be 😉 disturbed.  I hope you have a wonderful summer.

I recently won a very nice Facebook giveaway, and received it in the mail last week from The Kim Stix Fix. If you use that social media, and like fixer up projects and re use items, you might  enjoy some of her sharing.  She also has a group you can find there, and has links to other blogs and places of interest.  I did not include a link here, but am sure you can find it there if you'd like.

Happy summer!   I am waiting on the birth of our second grandbaby boy next month.  He will join his brother who is now fifteen months old.  Children are a heritage of the Lord.


What gorgeous blooms.

Happy summer ~ FlowerLady
Laura Lane said…
Oh wow! Your lillies are gorgeous! I'm so glad you enjoyed them this year. The photos would make lovely screensavers.

Hugs to you, and congratulations!
The lily is gorgeous, love all their vibrant colors! I know what you mean about weeding too soon, I've experienced that too. Congrats in advance to the exciting little grandbaby about to be born :)
Such pretty lilies in so many lovely colors. It's nice to win something now and again, too! xx Karen

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