Upon A Spring Breeze, a book review

Upon A Spring Breeze written by Kelly Irvin is a wonderful Amish fiction book based upon a young widow, Bess who looses her husband Caleb in a buggy accident while baking bread.  Not only is she in the kitchen in her in laws home, she is also very pregnant with her first child.  When she hears the news of the accident, she begins a tumultuous journey to find herself.

When her son Joshua is born, he is the image of Caleb, and in her fear of being hurt and abandoned again, she quickly puts his care on her loving sister in law Hazel.  Joshua's ceaseless cries plague her day and night, and she can't bear to hold him or open herself to her son.   She wants only peace, and escape.

Meanwhile everyone including her former best friend Aidan thinks they know best for Bess.  Years before he had loved her, and still does, but he can't bring himself to let her know, Caleb had been his best friend, and he caused Caleb's death. Or so he believes!

Bess finds a way to escape to a new beginning, but her struggles bring her pain, and many problems to her family and community as well.  She meets a new man, an Englisher named Dusty, and is drawn to him even though he is out of reach to her.

Problems with Joshua continue, and Hazel can't handle the pressures.  It costs her dearly. Bishop Freeman is frustrated with the lack of commitment Bess has shown, and her cup runs over with difficulties.  When Joshua's life hangs in the balance, how will Bess rescue her faith, and her child?

After Aidan's loss of all his chicken flock, and his nerve in letting her know his feelings, he turns his back to her, but not Joshua.  Will he be there to help save him, or will they both be too late?

This book has a lot of twists to keep you turning the pages.  It is well written and compelling.  It invites her readers to explore their own feelings of inadequacy, grief, loss, and a search for faith in trouble.

This book came from my local library, and I enjoyed it greatly!


A wonderful review, you shared enough details to make one want to know what happens! Always nice to read a well written piece of fiction :)
Laura Lane said…
Book reviews are fun are they not?
Jann Olson said…
It sounds wonderful, but I would have a hard time reading it between my tears. :)

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