The Ebb Tide : by Beverly Lewis, a book review

I have just finished reading Beverly Lewis' new book, The Ebb Tide.  Like so many of her books, this book is very engaging from the start. Sallie has a yearning to travel, and we come into the story as she begins to save for a trip to Australia.  Not a normal thing for most young Amish people, travel to such a distant place  makes her an oddity in her community.  But surprising is the fact that she is able to plan it, and pay for it.

When my son was still young in high school, he was offered a trip to Australia.  We spent an entire year scrimping  and saving for him to go.  It required a lot of sacrifice, and funds came about in surprising ways to meet our living and regular at home expenses.  The Lord provided us with unexpected blessings that entire year, and we were able to send him to Australia, on one limited family income, for three weeks.

I have never forgotten how we needed groceries, and because we had paid his tuition for the trip for that month we had no money.  That month, and many other ones,  extra gifted food came our way, as well as being able to do our own repairs, and needed things at home, we were taken care of, and  unexpected money came our way.  We had no extras, but our needs were met.  When I read about Sallie saving for her trip, I was reminded that God often supplies us with what we need when we least expect it.

An unexpected need comes Sallie's  way too, her young nephew needs heart surgery.  She is faced with the choice of cancelling her trip, and giving her money to help him, or following her heart to further shores.

Her generosity opens the door for her to travel to famous Cape May.   While there she is nanny to Autumn, a young girl who is struggling to find her own way after the birth of her baby brother Connor.  Sallie and Autumn have many great adventures, and Mrs. Lewis gives wonderful details on the sea, the beaches, and the areanas they enjoy during their summer holiday.
Not surprising Sallie meets a young man, Kevin, who share her love of travel, the ocean, and adventure.  They grow close in their time together, and are drawn together in ways Salllie could not have predicted.  Meanwhile back on the farm her sister, aunt, and parents as well as a young man named Perry are hoping she will come home and join the church and her community.  Sallie must make a choice to follow her heart, or to conform to the Amish way of life.  Come, and see where the ebb tide is lowest for Sallie, and see if that lowest point will turn in her life, and fulfill her heart to become the person she was created to be.

This is a very good book to read and enjoy.  It is clean with a definite Christian base thought line.  I enjoyed it very much.

I received this book from Bethany House, the publisher to review, the opinions are my own.  No other compensation was given.


Sounds like a wonderful book. I have read other books by this author and enjoyed them very much. 'Ebb Tide' was my Grandmother's favorite song :) xx Karen
Libby said…
I agree, this was a great book! I also appreciate your unique view on God's provision and how it relates to this book!


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