Long Time Gone, a book review

I enjoyed this book by Mary Connealy.  It is book two of The Cimarron Legacy series published by Bethany House.  The book opens with beautiful little Angie Dupree falling into the arms of Justin Boden off the train.  Skinny as a rail, and half starved, Justin had no idea how much trouble he had now that Angie was in the picture, and some one was out to steal the Boden spread.

Not the least of his problems is that a woman exists who can't t cook, in Texas?  Yes and his father has been shot, now Cole his brother is shot and only by the wits of a cowpoke Heath does he survive.  Heath has been scouting out the high mess hidden trails, and pretty Sadie, Justin's sister.

Along comes Mel, the feisty gal from next door, willing to teach Angie to shoot a gun, after they wrangle Cole in bed of course.  Through fever and healing from that gunshot, the ladies find it hard to keep him in control long enough to help him survive.  Just how far is Justin willing to go to save his brother and his sister from bushwacking outlaws ?

Angie has her hands full trying to find her back bone after swearing to God that she never answer to anyone else but Him, but Justin and everyone else seems bent on making her mind their orders.
She just might be willing to listen to Justin, until Sadie decides she and Mel have their own scheme to find out who is after their family, and trying to start a revelation years after Mexico settled with Texas over the boundaries. They also decide Angie has to go along with it too.

Kidnapping and assault come along,  but not out on the trail, Angie finds herself in trouble there in the house, and then out in the woods.
Pretty Angie prays hard, and low and behold finds help with a sling and a stone.  She finds her back bone, and surprises Justin with it too.  She just might fit in as a homestead woman after all!

Travel the trail with the Bodens, Justin,  Angie, Aunt Margaret, Maria, and the rest of the family to search for clues, pride, guilt, glory, revenge, cowardice, and survival, and  victory in this story set on an old west homestead.

It is a very good book, but it did start slowly, and took quite a few twist lines to get to the heart of it.  I missed more humor Mary Connealy has between her men and women characters.  The humor showed up here and there but finally played into more toward the end.

I received the book from Bethany House to review. No other compensation was given, the opinions are my own.


Laura Lane said…
Sounds like it was a fun read. You did a nice review of it my friend!

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