The Acid Watcher Diet, a book review

The Acid Watcher Diet, by Jonathan Aviv, is a book designed to reduce acid reflux, and change your lifestyle to eliminate the deterioration associated with it, and to avoid the health risks and dangers of complications from it.

I chose this book, because my own dear Sweetheart has been seriously dealing with this problem for quite some time now.  I have taken copious notes, and reread several sections of this book in an effort to help him.  There are several things we were already acquainted with regarding reflux, and it's associated problems, so not all of the information in the book was new.  The basic premise of the book is to take out oxidized acidic processed foods from your diet, and replace it with more natural less processed food, whole grains, and fiber.

It lists acid food, and the risks associated with acid consumption.  Free radicals, that can can cancer, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, throat and stomach damage, pepsin from the stomach that can basically eat away in the throat, pH  balancing, and other issues are discussed in great detail.  It.
lists two phases to implement changes in lifestyle, The Healing Phase, and The Maintenance Phace, designed to shift your body to a better quality of life.  There are food charts, what to avoid, and what can help heal and maintain optimum life.There are recipes, exercise charts,  and meal plans.

This is a very good book, I will admit my husband will not implement every aspect of the book.  But I do believe the information in it can help him in many ways.  As I stated earlier, I was familiar with some of the material prior to reading this.  I also think that it might take a longer time frame to add in changes to his lifestyle. Another thing, I need to go back, and reread many sections of the book.  There is a lot of information that I will need to review in it, so I expect to refer to it many times more than just my initial reading of it.

I received this book from 'blogging for books' free, to review.  I received no other compensation for it, the opinions are my own.

If you suffer from sinus isssues, heartburn, GERD, swallowing difficulties, allergies, autoimmune difficulties, or stomach problems, this would be a good book to read to see if these acidic foods are at work on your system.



Jane said…
I never thought of sinus problems as something to do with acid issues. Thanks for the info, I'll have to look into the book.


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