Pretty Days Of Spring

Hello Friends,

I wanted to say hello.  It has been a beautiful spring day here.  We have had many of those recently, and I just love them.  Spring brings new life, and I love that, it brings  new flowers popping up, new blooms on the trees, a renewed sense of the celebration of Jesus and His ressurection, and joy filled days just spent near to home.  There is a great sense of serenity in doing the simple things.

We have journied not so very far, but had many great times together.  Late yesterday my Sweetie and I took a ride down the back roads, our favorite thing to do.  The fields were greening, and all the animals were out, the male turkeys were strutting with their fans out in the river bottom pastures, and the small herds of deer we see near to the road were close enough to see their big ears, and white tails.  We saw the cutest little calf lying between mama's front hooves.  It still glistened wet in the late day light.  Newly born, it looked so small, and the color was a combination of red auburn and brown chestnut.  It had a mottled white head, with creamy patches of white.  While the cow was mostly white, dirty, and yellow looking in spots.  She too lay there in the green meadow, no doubt worn out from the delivery of her baby.

Today, I have scrubbed off the mold off the two gourds my son got me last fall.  I used bleach, and a bit of vinegar in the soapy water.  There is still some of the scale to remove, but I've had them drying in the sun all afternoon.  The larger one is still heavier than the bottle one.  It has been many years since I've dried any to save.  I think I'll varnish them and keep them for awhile.  It'll be nice to see them in a basket or in a bowl on the mantle.

My daughter in law just got a quilt from her Mom yesterday.  Her Mom has had the long arm quilter

This month makes seven years I have been writing my blog,  there have been a couple of hundred posts since I started. You  I usually only leave my posts up for awhile, but I have enjoyed it immensely,  I dislike trying to edit on it though.  But in many ways  I have been enriched in my life through it, and especially from your other blogs.  Thank you for sharing your days with me.

I wish you peace.
This month makes seven years I have been on blogger.  It has been a wonderful experience for me, althoughthat belonged to her mother a few years now, since the lady passed away.  She has finally found time to practice some more on it, and sent this one by way of another daughter from Kentucky.  My DIL washed it, but I brought it home, and have had it airing out on my line.  It is not perfect in construction, but it does not have to be.  The grandmother spent many years making and selling quilts   quilted on it.  My DIL told her Mom to quit squinting at it as she used it, it was making her head pitch to the side, smile.  So she gave that a try, and guess what her quilting improved!  Guess a good straight view could improve a lot of things for us all!

I wanted to share a photo of it, even since this one was made, she has really improved her technique.  She has recently sold many, and now has a long waiting  list to work on.  Hoping she can find some time at some point to do a couple for me.  But this early work still deserves the spot light, it is a gift from the heart, and now thanks to this wonderful spring breeze will be delightful to curl up under.

I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter!  Have fun with the dinners, the eggs, the candy, and the baskets.  Please remember the true reason it is celebrated, Resurrection of the Lord.  Apart from Him, we have no hope.

Blessings be abundant unto you from my home in the mountains!  Annie


Earlene L. said…
Hello Annie,

I love the colors in the quilt. Blues and greens are always so very serene. Your description of the countryside makes me a little homesick as I am currently 2,000 miles away from my Montana prairie, in a big congested city visiting my new granddaughter. Thanks for sharing the wildlife sightings you and your husband enjoyed while on your outing.
Farm Girl said…
Very pretty quilt. I hope you have a lovely Easter.
Hello, Annie! Wow, 7 years - the time does fly, doesn't it? I just realized not too long ago that I have been blogging for 6 years. I started right before my Mom died, and she never got to see it, as she was in a nursing home. Gosh, I still miss her every day. Your drive in the countryside sounds wonderful. I just love seeing those newborns in the fields this time of year. The quilt is wonderful. I love the colors and as a novice quilter, I think it looks perfect! I hope you had a lovely Easter. xo Karen
Laura Lane said…
It is a beautiful quilt!
I'm always glad to hear of your adventures. I've been blogging since Dec. '07. Where have the years gone?

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