A book review, Murder On The Moor by Julianna Deering

I have long been a fan of old English mysteries.  Sherlock Holmes, being my favorite, as well as Agatha Christy, and many others.

This book has that tone, a dark old manor house out on the Moor, where murder has come to call, and left its deadly mark.  There are myriad scenes to the plot, and many shady characters to pull you through the pages.

This is the first Drew Farthering series book I have read, but it will not be the last!  He and his lovely wife Madeline set off to help an old school chum Beaky Bloodworth solve a murder, the poor vicar was the first, but is not the last!  The village of Bunting's Nest is full of suspects, and rugged characters with many things up their sleeves to hide.  Beaky's own new wife Sabrina is secretly going off to the Moor, and Drew's old sweetheart rears her head in the form of Sabrina.  He wonders if they were cut from the same cloth, and just what was her reason for marrying his old friend?  Madeline meanwhile has her own thoughts on Sabrina's behavior, and they don't gel with what Drew thinks at all.  Drew has quite a revelation coming to him, when he comes to realize his pride has gotten in the way.

There are many mysterious happenings near the old home, someone is living in the old abandoned kiln, and the old fallen tower church.  Huge gigantic hound prints appear, and there are bumps and things in the night going on in the dilapidated wing of the manor.  Cars are tampered with, it will keep you guessing what the next move is, and who is the guilty party.

A call comes for help, but is turned away, and another murder of an innocent old woman occurs.  What did she know?  Is that what cost her her life?  Did that involve Mrs. Bloodworth  herself, or she innocent?  What has the  old the evil Midgley been up to, and who is giving him money to pass around the pub? Welsh gamekeeper Delwyn is keeping his own secrets, and comes to blows with the poacher.  There are clandestine meetings strung throughout the book.  It will surely keep you guessing as the motives of the characters.

This is a clean read, with references to God, but it leaves you to draw your own conclusions, and is a period piece full of mysterious places, and people.  It has several thought provoking scenes.  It is very engaging, and I honestly enjoyed it.  This book proves you can have a great mystery to solve without continually having to read profanity to get to the end of it.  I hope to read more of the series!

I received this book from Bethany House, the publisher, free to review.  That is the only compensation I received.  The opinions are my own.


I love a good mystery! Thank you for the review and for your kind visit. xx Karen

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