The Seekers a book review

I just enjoyed reading Amish Cooking Class, The Seekers, by Wanda E. Brunstetter.

I must say I found it such an enjoyable book.  I am a fan of Amish fiction, and have read many of her books, but I found this one to be especially enjoyable.  Lots of characters seeking a change in their lives, and they find themselves on Lyle and Heidi Troyer's farm, to take cooking lessons in a real Amish kitchen.  Like the quilt series books that Wanda published a few years ago, this book blends different backgrounds of the characters into a very enjoyable story.

This book does contain Bible scripture in each lesson, and it is put forth in a simple format of a recipe card.  The recipes shared in the book sound very good, and are included in the back of the book!

I had trouble putting this book down, and finished it way too quickly!  I found myself eager to see the book unfold, and there was a very good surprise ending to it.  It is a wonderful book based on simple principles, love, and forgiveness.

If you enjoy Amish fiction, this is a wonderful book.  I am hoping Wanda will follow it up with more books in the series!

I am receiving nothing for my opinion, but just hoped to share such an enjoyable read!  There are too  many harsh terrible things going on, and we all need a break from the media and everything out there.  This book is a just plain lovely place to visit and unwind for awhile.

Bravo, Wanda!  Thank you for that!


Christine said…
Thank you for this great review! I love Amish fiction too!
Farm Girl said…
I have never heard of this book Annie, so thank you for the review.
I too enjoy reading Amish books, have many of Wanda's books but not this one. Will have to search for it. Thank you for the review.
Hello, Annie, so nice to 'meet' you - thank you for your sweet visit! I love Amish fiction, also, and have read other books by this author that I enjoyed. I have an Amish cookbook, too. I so admire their lifestyle and values. I hope you visit me again. xx Karen
Laura Lane said…
I love books like this, "I had trouble putting this book down, and finished it way too quickly!" They are few and far between.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Stephanie said…
Thank you for your wonderful review. I have always enjoyed Amish fiction so I will put this one on my list to read :)

Hugs and joy!
I've stopped listening to doctors...I believe they lie or at least distort the truth according to the latest dribble being supplied by Big Pharm. I don't have a good attitude, Annie, but, thank God, I am healthy.

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