January's End

Hello Friends!

It's hard to believe but January is winding to a close, we had three inches of snow this morning, but most of it has melted off.  That is the most snow we have had this season, this is only  the fifth day of snow at all.  The rest were blowing gusting days, that came and quickly went. The wind is still bitterly cold.  I am hoping this does not follow the early months of 2015, when that happened we had six feet of snow come the first of February, and stay until the first week of March with many Artic blasts.  That year January went pretty much like this month has been, but I still hope for no repeats! 😊


You've seen her before, my little back deck angel sitting in her spot by the steps.   I will tell you a quick little story  regarding how she came to live with me.  Years ago there was a very old store that sat on the side of the road.  At one time, it had a store on one end, and a family lived on the other.  Through the years, people came and went and the old store ended up on both sides of the building.  It was perched on a very steep hill, and slowly began to slide off toward the river.  The people abandoned it, and only the front half of it was still attached to a concrete pad at the top beside the road, the other half hung loosely to the front, but the piers had long since fallen off into the river.

Now I confess I have always been driven to save stuff.  Long before hoarders came into fashion, I was dragging things home, especially wooden boards and furniture, and refinishing them, yes I still hoarded them too!  My Sissy Two and I decided it is a disease our Momma passed on to us,  she pretty much escaped much of it, but my poor Sissy One, and I did not!  Long before salvage became mainstream, I lived it, one board, one piece at a time.  Back to the angel, well you see she lived in front of the oval door of the house side of that old store.

At some point someone who lived there had salvaged a wonderful old white painted door with curlicues, and a big oval glass in the center, and hung it on that old place.  It was a handmade door from an old style farmhouse, at least eighty years old, probably more when it came to be there at the store.  By the time I came along, and the drop off to the river was immenient, the door had pretty much rotted along with the rest of the place.  Too late to save it, but the center section was still intact, with the oval glass.

Then the state came along, and finally decided to knock the thing down and run a four lane there.  Nowadays they condemn buildings, and post it to keep out trespassers, hoarders like me, from entering in but then they did not.  I guess they assumed no one was crazy enough to go in there anyway hanging off the road the way it was. But they did not know me, no I did not go in, but I did talk my Sweetie husband into trying to get the center out of that door.  He pried it loose from the outside.  Later I refinished it, painted it, and had a mirror put in it.  I kept it awhile, and yard saled 
it at some point, like countless other things I have done through the years.

The little concrete angel had had her head knocked off a some point, and whoever had her, had reglued it on, and when he rescued the door, he rescued her too.  I remember telling him, "they busted her head off, that's why they left her behind."   Yes, poor man that he is, he still has to live with me talking like that.  So now, she has been here ever since.  It really must have been better glue then than what we can buy now, because it never fell off again.  :)  So now you know, I confessed I am a hoarder.

A couple of gourds my son bought me when they went to the pumpkin patch in the falll.  They're out on the back deck too, drying, maybe rotting away.  If they survive, I'll wash they off with bleach water, and use them to decorate the table, if not I'll take all the seeds out and plant them all over his back fenceline to climb every tree there.  He would have a fit, if that happens!


SpicingUpIdaho said…
Enjoyed hearing about your snow angel story, what a rescue! We have gotten a lot of snow here, and there's no end in sight, but I do love the snow, it's so pretty, just a bit of extra work, lol! Happy to stop by today and say hello :)

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