Happy weekend friends!

Hope you all have a wonderful happy weekend.  It is amazing that almost half the month of January has come and gone. Today was almost sixty degrees, cloudy, and misty rain after awhile.  I spent some time outside trimming away part of the hedgerow thicket.  There's still more to do, reaching high over my head with the pole trimmer is hard work, but necessary to get it off the edge of the roof.  Hoping to get back at it in the next several  days, it was too thick to tackle until the frosts have killed off much of the vines.  It's good to get outside, I stood and prayed aloud for my family, the neighbors,  our little town, and thanked God for each branch I was able to subdue as I worked. A respite in the midst of winter, will often take you by surprise when you get to enjoy it.  It was a good day to breathe    clean outdoor air, and the cool breeze was very refreshing!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  :)



Using a pole trimmer is hard work, I know. Good for you taking care of this needed work and for praying for others while you did it.

Happy January ~ FlowerLady
Faye Henry said…
Such a energetic gal you are my friend.. You are such a dear !! I am sure they would appreciate your prayers... xoxo
Earlene L. said…
So happy January is half over. I was outside all say on Saturday working in the yard.

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