Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas

My Red Bird Boy, his lovely Bride, and my Grand Baby,  This is where my entire last two years have gone,  smile.  He is now nine months old, and of course, he has stolen all our hearts.  My Sweetie husband is still struggling in some ways, but we are blessed and happy.

I still linger around the blogs, and enjoy your posts very much.  I enjoy your generous hearts and the way you express your creativity.  I often read them, but too often don't comment as I ought.

I love the mountains, and  you will find me on the back roads, sometimes taking the little one along. He loves going bye bye.  Just today I had to bundle him up, cold as it was, and take him out to watch the water rushing over the creek.  He loves being outside, and we have many nice little quick jaunts out the door.  When I get to their house, the big dog outside lets them all know I am there.  Then those two marauders inside have to go out, even if they went just before I got their.

After that the baby has to have his turn,  he knows what walk, and wooders (the dogs),mean.   It means he is next!  I am not on a leash, but I feel like I am, they all lead me where I ought to go.  Whether I want to go or not!

Life is good in the woods, and I go whenever I get the chance.  Hoping for more wonderful days in the new year headed our way.  Time has gone so swiftly, and though many things have been sad, or frustrating, there have been so many good times.  I am always amazed to look around, and see the goodness of the Lord.  He has been so good to me!

Just came by to say,"hello".  I am still here,smile.

I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas, and a joy filled New Year.

I had a young friend tell me tonight, he is ready for Christmas.  He said their tree is not big, but there are enough presents around it, that it makes it look bigger.  He said he thought he had everything covered.  You know, even when you don't have a lot of material things, there are always good things to fill in your places here and there, to cover you, in an abundant way.    It's a matter of perspective, I think.

I hope even if things aren't all the way you would like, that there is much good in your Christmas.
God bless us everyone!

Make the most of what you've been given, and like ole'  Ebenezer Scrooge, celebrate Christmas every day  in your  hearts.  keep it!    He had to go through a lot of pain, but in the end, he was jumping up and down on the bed, and sharing the love and hope he found in his heart.

Remember the journey to Bethlehem of Joseph and Mary, and the true gift that was given!  Like those shepherds out in the field keep  watch,and go and see the Miracle in the manger.

I am reminded this late frosty icy night, the best gifts come in the most simple of circumstances.

Merry Christmas!


Christine said...

How lovely to see your precious grandson! I'm sure he has you on a leash from your heart to his!
God bless you this blessed Christmas time!

Felicia said...

Good to hear from you again. such a precious grandbaby.

Merry Christmas Annie.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Annie, Merry Christmas to you and yours; the grandson is AAAdorable!

moosecraft said...

Amen! We had such a simple (yet simply perfect) Christmas this year! It's not about the gifts under the tree... it's about the gift of love! :-) Your new grandbaby is a sweetheart! Enjoy!