Hello October! And A Review Of The Wish By Beverly Lewis

Hello friends!  My favorite month has come, I simply love this time of year!    All the mountains have come alive with color, and the breeze is sweeping over the ridges.  Just last night I needed a bit of heat in the old home place, and a blanket across the foot of the bed.  The dogs fur has begun to thicken, and the wild grapes have been  heavy in the hedgerows.



It is a wonderful time to be alive, and just be grateful.  I admit I have shunned the news, having my stomach turned  because of the political mess I hear of.  Enough has been said on both sides of the fence, and I have no need of being inundated daily by the snarling dogs of hatred coming from people who should conduct themselves with dignity, and a desire for good for our country. I just plain pray!  

Our darling grand boy is now seven months, and brings us great joy, and a chance to laugh and smile, and look for energy we thought we'd lost!  He is a smiling bouncy boy with one tooth, but more coming in, and full of seemingly endless energy, and is just joy to us in our hearts.  We took him over to the old grist mill, and picnicked listening to the band and munching good food cooked and served by the local Ruritan group. Oh yes, we had to buy some fresh ground corn meal to make bread with here at home.   There is nothing like fresh ground meal and flour.  I am blessed!

I had the pleasure of reviewing a wonderful Beverly Lewis book,  The Wish.   It was supplied by Bethany House for a review, and I enjoyed it so very much.  If you enjoy Amish fiction, you certainly will enjoy this wonderful book.  Mrs. Lewis is my favorite author, and she always has deep insights that make me think, and ponder what her characters are really dealing with.  I love the settings and background she used for this story of Leona and her friendship with Gloria,  and their desire to reunite after being separated by circumstances beyond their control.  When Leona gets the opportunity to see her friend again, she must step out of her comfort zone, and risk her heart in the process.  The ladies are able to reunite, and the true details of their long separation and absence unfold in the community among their families.  Thankfully Leona has a very devoted mother who has a wish of her own, and a very wise Bishop to guide the women ask they seek to do God's will, and not just their own.  The support of her family, and her beau helps Leona to realize how many things she did not know when the separation occurred.  It is a wonderful love story from end to end, an out flowing from the Father's heart to their own. It is an amazing reality to learn the Father does know your heart, and that your feelings and circumstances matter to Him.  The story is set among the beautiful rolling farms, and makes you feel welcomed and invited in to enjoy and savor simple pleasures, and quite hollows.  It also represents a deep sense of forgiveness, and just today I was reminded that to forgive someone is to pay a debt, and by doing so, we ourselves are set free! By forgiving, then we ourselves can be forgiven.  How great a love is that! Smile!

I received no other compensation for the review, but am simply thankful to have been able to share in Leona's tale.   

I hope you have a wonderful fall season, and are blessed in your own tale.  Life is a gift, I hope we can all make the most of the one we have been given.



Earlene L. said…
Felicia said…
Hello Annie. I am reading a Beverly Lewis book now. Good to hear you are well and enjoying the autumn season. Fall is my favorite time of the year too.

I like your sign about Jesus being King. Yes He is still in control

Summer said…
Thanks for the review♥ Have a lovely weekend ♥
Laura Lane said…
I always enjoy your posts Annie. I was encouraged by this one. Jesus is indeed King.
Laura Lane said…
Just love your photos!
I just made a blog friend list on my sidebar, and you are on it!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Thank God we have Him! It's hard to believe that in a country of 320 million people, all we've got, mostly, are clowns. I'm gritting my teeth and voting Trump...because he'll put in conservative Supreme Court justices...for future generations. For me, it's all about the best decision for the future and I'm putting my personal feelings for him aside and thinking of my baby grand-nieces.
"For such a time as this..."...YES to prayer!

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