Sweet As Honey book review

Looking for a fun, sweet read, this first in the series The Honeybee Sisters is it!
Written by Jennifer Beckstrand, meet the Christner sisters, Lily, Poppy, and Rose, along with their Aunt Bitsy, handsome Dan Kanagy, and mean spirited Paul Glick.

The first book in the series finds you deep in the Amish countryside surrounded by dandelions, bees, romance, secrets, mischief, and long deep pain of being bullied.  Words sting too, and so often, the  deep buried insults have a way of festering only to pop out later when you least seeing coming.

Forgiveness is a wonderful theme in the story of sisters bound in love, and submitting to someone when they've belittled you for years hurts Lily in more ways than one.  Thankfully humor and adventure come together  to the rescue just in time.  Follow along and enjoy this new series.  I know I did!

No compensation from anyone for this review,  I enjoyed it so much, and these are my own opinions.
Just promoting a clean enjoyable book that's fun and made me smile. :) If you like Amish fiction, you will enjoy this one.

Autumn is knocking at my door, and I am loving it!
Hope you all have a wonderful month of September!



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