Happy Summer

Hello Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

I know things in the world are not wonderful, but I decided to make the best of what I can, and just plain pray about everything.  That carries heaven's significance not mine, and I know not what tomorrow holds, I have only today.  I have come to a place where sometimes, I just can't do an
ything else.  So that is what I do, just plain pray!  It is enough to do it, with an expectant heart!

Our summer is flying by, the dog days are here, humid, hot and steamy. I have been enjoying my day lilies again this year, and some tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, and watermelon.

We often go out on the back roads, my kids, my son and daughter in law, call it piddlin' and joy riding I thought on that one, and I believe they are right.  It does bring me a lot of joy, and has for years longbefore my Seeetie came down the track, me, my Momma and older brother did that. 
 The four lane changed the exact route we used to go on, but the hills and valleys are still there. The sky opens up like a curtain, day or night and just plain brings me joy and quiet contentment.  Most times the crows or cattle or the peepers are the only music we listen to.  Unless it's Sunday night, then I love to listen to the radio preachers.  They bring me a lot to think about, where I stand and all, and where I need to straighten up, and quit acting like a heathen, as Sissy  Two would say, grin.  

Not so long ago, just a few weeks in fact, we celebrated my MIL's birthday.  It was good to get together, see the three new this year babies, and talk about the old days.  We missed many, several have gone on.  More new faces are round the table now, but they don't take the place of the others, they just make their own places in our hearts.  Mamaw was not happy, oh she tried real hard, but her heart was hurting over one of her own kids health issues, and she let that spoil her day.  You know it's just plain hard when you're hurting, over someone you love, and there is nothing you can do to change the situations.  Yes, I know too, but I think on that, and wonder if eighty five will find her 
next year, happy and joyous, or even more hurt, and in pain.  My Sweetie and I speak of what kind of 
legacy do we want to leave behind, what will they remember about me after I've crossed over?  I hope the good times. and not just the miseries of hard days.  I don't want to drink bitter water, and  share it around.  I'd rather pass round the good and be a blessing, and not a curse.

Everyday I  look for the good, sometimes it's just plain to heavy to try and carry other people's burdens, but you the best you can, but don't let it swamp you either.  There's a fine line to giving over to the good Lord burdens, and yet bearing someone else to Him first.  I fail at that!  I still try though, else then I be the one who is a burden to the next person.

Seek out joy, and hope.  You really do have a choice, it's on the inside, so dig deep and hold on with both your hands, tight.  It is a single fact of life, your heart belongs to God, and to you! Be a fragrant incense round His throne when you pray.  By all means, pray, but smell sweet to Him, as soon as you enter into His court.  Hope and joy do that, they smell good around His feet, so wash your prayers with the sweet living water.  It will flow up, and mend your aching hearts.  


Thank you for this encouraging post!

Have a lovely week ~ FlowerLady
You have wrote what I needed to hear since we are going thru some hard times right now.
I keep thinking about Grandma Walton saying on one episode of the show to "pray, pray, pray"
Thanks for the lovely post!
I'm trying really, really hard to live one day at a time. Right now, it's one key stroke at a time as the kitten plays on the keyboard and I end up having to erase and re-type. Yep, world is a frightening place but God is a good God and He's in control. I remind myself of that CONSTANTLY.
In Him,
Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm
Laura Lane said…
What a beautiful, heart touching, thought provoking post!
May God bring peace to your mamaw and health to the person she is sad over. In the name of Jesus!

Be blessed friend!
Mrs. Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage
Mum said…
Beautiful post - we can only do what we can and just try our hardest. Let's enjoy this earth while we are still here and try to spread our own happiness around.

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