God Bless America!

Hello friends!

So good to be back among the land of the living, grin!
Teasing of course!
Believe it or not, after months of not being able to access my blog because my other computer died, and Google would not recognize me.  I was finally able to pull it up long enough to get back into it for a few minutes.  I have started another blog called Scrappalachi2.  Google still will not give me email on that for some reason known only to blogland, but I'm still around, and reading your blogs.

I have ventured further over the pond into some very nice blogs on frugal living, and saving, because at some point I'd like to travel over that away and see where my people came from.  I still love prim and country blogs, and am often playing catch up on so many that I have loved since I first started blogging over five years ago.

My dear Sweetie and I hope to celebrate our anniversary in the next week or so, thirty eight years if the good Lord lets us.  Our lives have been up and down, here and there for quite a long while now, and we'll carry on as long as the good Lord tarys before His return, and be grateful for every day.

Our sweet grand boy made his appearance in March, we are blessed. (His hair is coming in red! Oh my! What tumultuous days lie ahead with that!

Summer is on us, and the spring has flown.  My feet still run to the woods, the hills,  the curvy twisted back roads, and the river banks of home.  Our old place is facing her centennial soon, much like me in the not too far distant horizon.  Home, it speaks of peace, quiet corners, supper on the table, old quilts, baskets, mocking bird songs in the night, gentle breezes, and comfort familiarity.

I long to sit on the porch and break beans, slice sweet red tomatoes off the vine, taste the sweet peaches and cream corn, and hear the train whistle way off down the gap to the nether reaches of high rugged hills.  I look daily for the coming of the Lord, His sweet presence is with me in my heart, but I long for the day when He calls me further up unto Him.

Just a few hot weeks ago, we laid my older brother to rest, another one gone on before me.  I had not been able to get to the hospital to see him, things tangled up, and timing was off.  He went pretty quickly from Saturday to Thursday.  When we finally did get there it was nigh on to midnight.  Sissy Two had been told he was waiting on his middle son to get there before he would let go and cross that threshold.  She said , No, the Lord says he is waiting on Ann."  Well dear friends, after I got in the room, he left us less than ten minutes later.  No words were exchanged, but none were necessary either.  None of us are promised more days, you've got to take each one, grab it with both hands and be thankful, and make the most of each.  Hang on to the your faith, until your time of rest and peace bids you enter in.

Dear friends it is do good to say, hello, and smile your way.  I look up toward the far hills and wish you peace, joy, and hope, and smiles!  God bless you all, and on this Memorial Day  2016,
God Bless America!  I am thankful, here in the mountains of home.


Farm Girl said…
So glad you are back!! I wondered where you have been. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. My grandpa did the same thing, waited until I was there. I think it is a special blessing.
I am so glad your new grandson arrived in March. Congratulations!
Nothing like that in the whole world. Enjoy your world. I wish I could walk along those roads with you! Blessings to you Sweet Annie.
Laura Lane said…
Your post was just like a hug of encouragement. God comfort you all!

Hugs back to you from the Joplin, Mo area!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Angela said…
So good to see your post Annie. I have thought of you often, however so many of us are not blogging as much anymore . Ahh such a sweet miracle from above,, that sweet grandson. My Holly had red hair and was as gentle as a lamb!😊. Sorry about the loss of your brother. And an early happy anniversary to you and your hubby. God has been good to us that are blessed to be with our love as long as you and I have. Hope you have a blessed summer.
Laura Lane said…
I love your description of home!

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