The Mauraders

Growing  up, my Moma  loved westerns, they were always on. She said it was because of the scenery in them.  I think she had soft spot for leading men, and for memories of serial westerns from the movies she used to go to years before. I had a soft spot for John Wayne, but only  for certain titles, and quotes.  Otherwise, I hated the violence and refused to watch them.  I still feel that way. Recently I told a sweet friend, (Dear Angela) about the two soft spots in my head and heart I call, "The Marauders".

These two are just like like the ones in old western movies when they run.  You know the scene, you're up on a buckboard or stage coach, and the horses are running like crazy, and all you can see is dust flying, lead lines whipping, manes and tails flying like the wind, and ears sticking straight up.  The movie folks holding on are getting dragged, bumped, and pulled hard all the way down the road. Well, that is me when they walk me at my son's house.

They start barking and jumping, as soon as they hear the car coming down the road, through the house walls, you can hear them, it's Loud!  There is no doubt, they are ready to run.  The neighbors must love it when I come to visit.  I'm the only one who goes with them down to the swamp, below the old cemetery, and through the bear and rabbit runs of the wilderness.  I had them out day before yesterday early and today too.  I thought I would show you a glimpse of them, after their run, when I'm trying to coerce them back inside.  You can see who walks who, and who does the herding around here.

I hope you're having a wonderful January.
I hope you're faring well in spite of the storms.   
God bless you, please be kind to other people.
Everyone is dealing with something difficult, and life is too short for drama.  If I can save some pain and heartache, I would like to. If I can lose anything this year, I'd like to lose drama, other peoples and mine.



Earlene L. said…
Awwwww!! They are so cute!!!!!!
Yes I agree no drama!! LOL! Have a great weekend!
Christine said…
They are the sweetest marauders! LOL!
Enjoy your day and be blessed!
Farm Girl said…
Sweet pictures of those dogs. I totally agree, too much drama. :) Have a lovely February.
moosecraft said…
I agree... less drama would certainly help! I always said that folks need to "be smart as to where they put their energy"! :-)
Cute little pups! I'm sure they bring smiles wherever they go! :-)
Angela said…
Such cute fur babies Annie. Hoping after this walk you were rewarded with more than a donut. {smile} Have a great Saturday and blessed Sunday. The weather is beautiful and warm here at the home place today. Have my slider open, as it feels just like Spring.
Julia said…
Oh my goodness yes, less drama would be so good.
The dogs are wonderful company and they must love it so when you come to visit. The little one looks like my little Chuichuuha I had a long time ago.

January came and went so fast and we are enjoying a mild winter this year. We are blessed with milder weather so far. We had a cold spell but it didn't last.

Take care and thanks for your comment.
Cute pups, Annie, but if some folks don't have drama in their life, there goes their reason for living. Or so it seems. I'm fairly removed from drama and when I'm in public and see it, I want to smack the offender. It distresses me to see a man berating a woman or vice versa, especially, most especially when there are wide eyed children standing, watching. A while back a young woman was screaming, or so it seemed to my ears, her man and was using the most VILE language in front of God and everyone else, including her very young daughter. I wanted to weep but lacked the courage to say anything to her. She was so upset, I was afraid she'd turn on me. So, I stood there and prayed for her, until she was out of sight. What else should I have done? Do you know?
I agree - no drama. I don't want to be the cause of it or participate in any!
I watch very little if any tv mostly just the news and weather but lately I don't even want to watch the news. It makes my heart ache with all of the politics and violence in our world.
Cute pups! I miss having a dog so much but till after we are moved and settled we will be a no dog family.
Blessings to you and your family.
Laura Lane said…
Annie, This was a wonderful parallel! It made for a great little story.

When I was little, we watched westerns, too. The good guys wore white hats. The bad guys wore black hats. So, when I saw two Bibles in my house, a black and a white, I thought it was a good Bible and a bad Bible! Such is the life of a child.

Thanks so much for talking back at Harvest Lane Cottage.
Have a wonderful week.
Cherie said…
I too love a quiet life free from drama. I wish there were more like us in the world. I am content with my lot in life and will do anything to help out a fellow human being
Hello friends, my old computer has died, and now Google will not let me access my blog or email. I have started a new blog in case you're wondering if I'm still around. Look for I'm not sure I've set up the new blog on this tiny little itty bitty tablet, so you might find me and you might not, smile. But we will meet further on down the road as we go along, blessings abundant!

Laura Lane said…
I think I missed this post!
It's so creative, and they're so cute!

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