My Late Brother

Friends I have decided to publish once again, the posts I had back when my brother passed.  There are no corrections or alterations, his birthday would have been tomorrow, and I felt the need to share a bit of his last time on this earth with a few more people.  There are so many hurting over the loss of their loved ones.  Perhaps it might bring a moment of comfort.  I will leave it up until midnight of Dec. 31, 2015, when his birthday ends.  I wish you peace.


Dog Trot Farm said… is so terribly hard to accept...watching a loved one do everything medically possible to stay here on this earth...I believe God has a plan for all of us...That belief is what gets me through those difficult days...Thank you for the post...Blessings to you...wishing you a Happy New Year...PS....when does your grand baby arrive?

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