Book Review: Land of Promise Series By Jerry Eicher

Book 1 - Miriam's Secret
Book 2 - A Blessing For Miriam
Book 3 - Miriam and the Stranger

What do you do when the thing you've feared the most has come upon you?  A door you never expected has opened, and does it bring calamity or tragedy?  Going against what you've been taught your entire life, can be a fearsome thing, and struggle ensues when greed and competition raise their  heads. 
 Are some secrets best kept or does a fresh airing release the weight a secret can ofttimes bring?  A journey forth can bring you home again, but you come home changed, and the view can be radically different.  When you meet someone new, can your heart open and expand to hold them close, after others have betrayed you?
Each step down a path brings you opportunities for new adventure, do you take it, or does fear hold you back?

When Miriam loses a very close friend, Amos Bland, it is like losing another father, not just an employer.  But the things Amos has set in motion for her bring her swift changes, new fears,  responsibilities, and choices she never dreamed she would have to make.  Many new people come into her life, and those of her family.  Each one causes change to her ordered world, and the journey of a lifetime begins.

What does the Lord require of me?
Is it the same thing my Daett says, or not?
Follow along with Miriam and see......,,,,,,

Jerry Eicher raises several significant Biblical issues in this series.  It's not the run of the mill Amish romance series.  To me, it's a  very good reflection of trust, obedience, searching, and growth.  Hope for her future is a key plot to Miriam's story, yet family members and others cause painful unexpected twists to arise.  

Jerry's stories often bring a different perspective, possibly because he is male, and there seems different tone to them.  I like them, they are unique in main stream Amish fiction, and I have followed his books for several years now.  In this series, there are a few points that seem to rear again and again, but the quality of his style over rides any of that, and I wanted to keep turning the pages.  I believe his stories are worth the time and effort to read.  I believe if you enjoy Amish fiction, you will enjoy his work!

from the publisher:
   Miriam Yoder has a secret...
Can Blessing Come from Tragedy?
Will Miriam Yoder Ever Find Happiness as an Amish Frau?

***This is my first experience reviewing a book.  I'm thankful to have received this series by the author to do so.  The opinions are my own, and I received no other compensation. ***

May God Bless You All.
Happy Thanksgiving!
~ Annie ~


Christine said…
Thanks for your open and honest review, Annie! i have read earlier novels by Jerry Eicher and enjoyed them.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Mugwump Woolies said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Annie! God's blessing on you and yours!
annie said…
Thank you Christine & sweet Robyn!

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