Hearts Ease

I hope you have had a lovely summer full of joys, fun, laughter, hugs, and peace.  Things here have have been busy.  I sometimes think the days have wings.  I no sooner get up then it is time to rest.  The mountains have been so very hot and humid this year.  A full month of no rain in May, and scorching heat and humidity the rest of the time.  But along about this time, the nights begin to change.  August mornings have been draped in fog, the ole' timers say for each August morning fog, it means a snow come winter.  I lost track of the fog, around about 16 so far.  That was enough looking ahead for me.  Yesterday I got up and saw heavy dew out on the lawn.  A sure sign of a different kind.  At some point, the dew will turn to white frost, and I will need a jacket.  I dare not rush the season's passing!  Each day is a precious gift. 

We have driven the old back roads down the valleys.  The stars hung in great canopies above our heads.  It is breath taking to go out at night when it is quiet and away from the lights.  The night calls, and the owl flies.  Katydids and frogs call along the marshy plains.  Deer roam looking for late corn, and early apples.  The little red car creeps along the curvy lanes, and my companionship is sweet.  What a fine thing it is to be able to breathe in the night coolness long after most folks are tucked in front of their televisions, or gone off to their slumber.  Wild turkeys, have crossed the pasture, now  long gone to their roost, but in the milky light of a peaceful moon, their tracks glisten near the creek where they have been on the old watering path.

My flowers have mostly gone by, but the black eyed susies, hang on to the last.  Large giant marshmallows line the fence rows, huge hay bales there are wrapped in protective plastic to tide over the farmer's cattle come cold weather.  I told that this week, and a lady said," yes, they do look like that, but  when they have been opened up, they look like giant shredded wheat bites standing in the fields."  
She was right, they do!

Tonight as I came homeward, the clouds hung heavy round the ridge, and it was so good just to walk on in my door.  We carry on here, in the simpleness of home.  Working, cooking, building, talking, just plain loving each other in this place.  My house is nigh on to 90 years of age.  Like me, she is creaky, and lopsided in spots.  Too many weeds choke the path, and there are marauders that flit through here in the silent watches of the night.  People and houses too, are seldom totally quiet. Stray thoughts, or giggles come, and there is always a need of a good dusting or clearing out.  Homes need life in them, just as people do, and what a good thing it is just to be.  Someone once asked me,"Who Are You!?"    I said, "I just am!"  Home is like that, it just is, if there is where your heart lies.  Hearts ease is not just a plant, it is a place of peace, and contentment  you find whether the rest of the world is in turmoil or not.  The high hills speak to me of it, and the river adds its voice to the conversation.  I watched huge big fluffy clouds just today way up so high looking for all the world like cotton candy balls, and my heart eased within my breast.  Air of a different kind stirs in your lungs when you are at peace.  It is a gift from the Maker of hope,  just to breathe and ease your heart to His rhythm.

I hope dear friends, that the coming golden days of September, and October bring you riotous cascades of color from the hills and leaves.  I hope that candy apples line your step back cupboards, and sweet little pumpkin dolls snuggle with you when you get a chance to unload  your burdens and sit down with them.  But before those days come, I hope August brings you ease, and the knowledge of love, peace, and quiet.  Voices of your past, present , and future, all becoming silent for a  moment's rest when you can take time to be grateful, and just be!
Bless you from the hills of my home in the mountains.



Christine said…
Oh I can breathe a deep sigh of contentment with you Annie! Beautiful mountain poetry that reminds us the days are to be savoured as a gift from our Creator!
God bless!
What a beautiful, inspiring post. Thank you for a wonderful start to this new week.

Annie, lots of fogs here as well and I'm keeping track, best I can. The days are languid, pregnant with harvest hope and my hay is baled and waiting. When I"m asked, "Who are you" sometimes my response is "A daughter of the Most High" (which always makes folks retreat a step or two...lol) or God's beloved daughter. It's taken me decades to accept His love, now I want everyone to know it's available to them as well.
There's so much wildlife and almanac is saying it's going to be a harsh winter. Best to prepare now, have been getting in loads of black locust for the wood stove, canning, haying, etc. As best I can, I am ready.
moosecraft said…
You write so beautifully that I can picture every word... and now MY heart is at ease! :-)
Just this morning we awoke to some fog... autumn can't be far away... hugs & smiles to you and your fmaily!
Susan said…
So beautiful. We live in the mountains of East Tennessee (recently retired here) and it is amazing to watch the changes. This week I have begun to sense Autumn is coming. Love everything about autumn. Thanks for the beautiful writing.
Angela said…
Good morning Annie. What a great start to my Monday.... reading a post from your blog. I so miss all your inspiring words. Thanks for another masterpiece from your heart. As always I enjoyed hearing from you. I will carry your words in my heart all day. Have a wonderful week my friend.
Elizabeth said…
I so enjoyed reading your blog today! I love the way you write and I love the mountains and fall! I am looking forward to the next couple of months!
Annie, You always put into beautiful words my thoughts but thoughts I can't write about the way you do. I look forward to Autumn and long for cool nights and no humidity! The Farmer's Almanac has predicted a harsh winter so the husband is cutting firewood. If we are here this winter then the wood stove will be burning that wood! I too have counted too many fogs! Take care and blessings to you and your family.
Karen Martinsen said…
Annie - your words are so beautifully put and it makes one 'FEEL THEM' - you have a way of taking us right in with you.
Autumn is so beautiful, I look forward to it each and every year.
Thanks for taking us again on your journey.
C Reeder PhxAz said…
From my concrete city this video so lifted my spirits today. Thank you!
linda/Il said…
What a peaceful soul you have. A beautiful, peaceful peek into you life. I have had a very stressful morning and found this a week since you wrote it, but God led me here for a reason. Thank you.
Your gift of words is so enjoyable and pleasant to the soul. It has been a joy stopping by to visit with you! :)
Mugwump Woolies said…
Lovely post. I so miss the beauty of autumn in the North. Have a wonderful weekend.
Weekend-Windup said…
Enjoy the climate! Have a nice day!

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