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Small Talk, Fall Sliding In, Summer Slipped Away.

Hello Friends!

Ordinary days here in the hills, I can't believe how time has flown, and Autumn has come. Only a week away, so says the calendar, but it is my most favorite season.  So I will take it early.

Some recent photos, my favorite author, Beverly Lewis, has written another wonderful book, The Proving.  I enjoyed it greatly, based on going home, and forgiveness between sisters.  It twines through a lovely Amish Bed & Breakfast, the kind we'd all like to go to enjoy.  Mandy must take a journey back to her home in the heart of Amish country, grieving after her mother, she finds very quickly that she can not fill her mother's shoes, and the community is not welcoming to her either.  Finding herself with an inn to fill, and a sharp tongued boarder, she wonders if it is more than she can bear.  Her cooking skills, mostly nonexistent,  are not meeting her guests expectations, and looking across the way, she constantly sees the life her sister has stolen from her, one t…

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