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Still Here

Hello Friends, I am still here, albeit not the same person I used to be, I would like to think I am a better one, but alas I most probably am not. David, the Psalmist, knew of struggles due to enemies. I sometimes liken myself to that type of situation. Such goings on, that are totally out of my control, but that have been fobbed off on me due to other people’s unwarranted malice, and hatred.
The Bible teaches all things work for good for those who have been called. I have seen little good out of my circumstances, but because the Bible does teach it, I believe it.

I like to think of the good, pretty days now,  surviving that dreadfully hot summer, and finding first fall, and now Christmas just upon the threshold.  I think on the pretty, good things in life, crunchy apples, sweet hugs, the sounds of birds in the sky, and a huge star filled sky at night.  With today’s heavy rainfall, the foggy mists shrouded the mountains, and muffled the sounds of the highway beyond.  I look at pretty …

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