Monday, June 19, 2017

My Garden has begun to bloom, and a giveaway I won

Hello friends!

My pretty daylilys and bee balm have begun to bloom.  We have had so much rain recently, everything has been water logged.  I am thankful though, last year we experienced many months of severe drought, and heat.  Just sharing a bit of color, and weeds!  Just ignore those, I can't keep up.  One foolish thing I have learned, if I get out in those flowers early in the year I ultimately kill my best ones trying to get rid of the weeds.  So I just learned to let most of them be, until later on after it is all bloomed out, then I will clear them all.  Not sure why, but I think they just plain don't want to be 😉 disturbed.  I hope you have a wonderful summer.

I recently won a very nice Facebook giveaway, and received it in the mail last week from The Kim Stix Fix. If you use that social media, and like fixer up projects and re use items, you might  enjoy some of her sharing.  She also has a group you can find there, and has links to other blogs and places of interest.  I did not include a link here, but am sure you can find it there if you'd like.

Happy summer!   I am waiting on the birth of our second grandbaby boy next month.  He will join his brother who is now fifteen months old.  Children are a heritage of the Lord.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Upon A Spring Breeze, a book review

Upon A Spring Breeze written by Kelly Irvin is a wonderful Amish fiction book based upon a young widow, Bess who looses her husband Caleb in a buggy accident while baking bread.  Not only is she in the kitchen in her in laws home, she is also very pregnant with her first child.  When she hears the news of the accident, she begins a tumultuous journey to find herself.

When her son Joshua is born, he is the image of Caleb, and in her fear of being hurt and abandoned again, she quickly puts his care on her loving sister in law Hazel.  Joshua's ceaseless cries plague her day and night, and she can't bear to hold him or open herself to her son.   She wants only peace, and escape.

Meanwhile everyone including her former best friend Aidan thinks they know best for Bess.  Years before he had loved her, and still does, but he can't bring himself to let her know, Caleb had been his best friend, and he caused Caleb's death. Or so he believes!

Bess finds a way to escape to a new beginning, but her struggles bring her pain, and many problems to her family and community as well.  She meets a new man, an Englisher named Dusty, and is drawn to him even though he is out of reach to her.

Problems with Joshua continue, and Hazel can't handle the pressures.  It costs her dearly. Bishop Freeman is frustrated with the lack of commitment Bess has shown, and her cup runs over with difficulties.  When Joshua's life hangs in the balance, how will Bess rescue her faith, and her child?

After Aidan's loss of all his chicken flock, and his nerve in letting her know his feelings, he turns his back to her, but not Joshua.  Will he be there to help save him, or will they both be too late?

This book has a lot of twists to keep you turning the pages.  It is well written and compelling.  It invites her readers to explore their own feelings of inadequacy, grief, loss, and a search for faith in trouble.

This book came from my local library, and I enjoyed it greatly!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Long Time Gone, a book review

I enjoyed this book by Mary Connealy.  It is book two of The Cimarron Legacy series published by Bethany House.  The book opens with beautiful little Angie Dupree falling into the arms of Justin Boden off the train.  Skinny as a rail, and half starved, Justin had no idea how much trouble he had now that Angie was in the picture, and some one was out to steal the Boden spread.

Not the least of his problems is that a woman exists who can't t cook, in Texas?  Yes and his father has been shot, now Cole his brother is shot and only by the wits of a cowpoke Heath does he survive.  Heath has been scouting out the high mess hidden trails, and pretty Sadie, Justin's sister.

Along comes Mel, the feisty gal from next door, willing to teach Angie to shoot a gun, after they wrangle Cole in bed of course.  Through fever and healing from that gunshot, the ladies find it hard to keep him in control long enough to help him survive.  Just how far is Justin willing to go to save his brother and his sister from bushwacking outlaws ?

Angie has her hands full trying to find her back bone after swearing to God that she never answer to anyone else but Him, but Justin and everyone else seems bent on making her mind their orders.
She just might be willing to listen to Justin, until Sadie decides she and Mel have their own scheme to find out who is after their family, and trying to start a revelation years after Mexico settled with Texas over the boundaries. They also decide Angie has to go along with it too.

Kidnapping and assault come along,  but not out on the trail, Angie finds herself in trouble there in the house, and then out in the woods.
Pretty Angie prays hard, and low and behold finds help with a sling and a stone.  She finds her back bone, and surprises Justin with it too.  She just might fit in as a homestead woman after all!

Travel the trail with the Bodens, Justin,  Angie, Aunt Margaret, Maria, and the rest of the family to search for clues, pride, guilt, glory, revenge, cowardice, and survival, and  victory in this story set on an old west homestead.

It is a very good book, but it did start slowly, and took quite a few twist lines to get to the heart of it.  I missed more humor Mary Connealy has between her men and women characters.  The humor showed up here and there but finally played into more toward the end.

I received the book from Bethany House to review. No other compensation was given, the opinions are my own.

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Ebb Tide : by Beverly Lewis, a book review

I have just finished reading Beverly Lewis' new book, The Ebb Tide.  Like so many of her books, this book is very engaging from the start. Sallie has a yearning to travel, and we come into the story as she begins to save for a trip to Australia.  Not a normal thing for most young Amish people, travel to such a distant place  makes her an oddity in her community.  But surprising is the fact that she is able to plan it, and pay for it.

When my son was still young in high school, he was offered a trip to Australia.  We spent an entire year scrimping  and saving for him to go.  It required a lot of sacrifice, and funds came about in surprising ways to meet our living and regular at home expenses.  The Lord provided us with unexpected blessings that entire year, and we were able to send him to Australia, on one limited family income, for three weeks.

I have never forgotten how we needed groceries, and because we had paid his tuition for the trip for that month we had no money.  That month, and many other ones,  extra gifted food came our way, as well as being able to do our own repairs, and needed things at home, we were taken care of, and  unexpected money came our way.  We had no extras, but our needs were met.  When I read about Sallie saving for her trip, I was reminded that God often supplies us with what we need when we least expect it.

An unexpected need comes Sallie's  way too, her young nephew needs heart surgery.  She is faced with the choice of cancelling her trip, and giving her money to help him, or following her heart to further shores.

Her generosity opens the door for her to travel to famous Cape May.   While there she is nanny to Autumn, a young girl who is struggling to find her own way after the birth of her baby brother Connor.  Sallie and Autumn have many great adventures, and Mrs. Lewis gives wonderful details on the sea, the beaches, and the areanas they enjoy during their summer holiday.
Not surprising Sallie meets a young man, Kevin, who share her love of travel, the ocean, and adventure.  They grow close in their time together, and are drawn together in ways Salllie could not have predicted.  Meanwhile back on the farm her sister, aunt, and parents as well as a young man named Perry are hoping she will come home and join the church and her community.  Sallie must make a choice to follow her heart, or to conform to the Amish way of life.  Come, and see where the ebb tide is lowest for Sallie, and see if that lowest point will turn in her life, and fulfill her heart to become the person she was created to be.

This is a very good book to read and enjoy.  It is clean with a definite Christian base thought line.  I enjoyed it very much.

I received this book from Bethany House, the publisher to review, the opinions are my own.  No other compensation was given.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pretty Days Of Spring

Hello Friends,

I wanted to say hello.  It has been a beautiful spring day here.  We have had many of those recently, and I just love them.  Spring brings new life, and I love that, it brings  new flowers popping up, new blooms on the trees, a renewed sense of the celebration of Jesus and His ressurection, and joy filled days just spent near to home.  There is a great sense of serenity in doing the simple things.

We have journied not so very far, but had many great times together.  Late yesterday my Sweetie and I took a ride down the back roads, our favorite thing to do.  The fields were greening, and all the animals were out, the male turkeys were strutting with their fans out in the river bottom pastures, and the small herds of deer we see near to the road were close enough to see their big ears, and white tails.  We saw the cutest little calf lying between mama's front hooves.  It still glistened wet in the late day light.  Newly born, it looked so small, and the color was a combination of red auburn and brown chestnut.  It had a mottled white head, with creamy patches of white.  While the cow was mostly white, dirty, and yellow looking in spots.  She too lay there in the green meadow, no doubt worn out from the delivery of her baby.

Today, I have scrubbed off the mold off the two gourds my son got me last fall.  I used bleach, and a bit of vinegar in the soapy water.  There is still some of the scale to remove, but I've had them drying in the sun all afternoon.  The larger one is still heavier than the bottle one.  It has been many years since I've dried any to save.  I think I'll varnish them and keep them for awhile.  It'll be nice to see them in a basket or in a bowl on the mantle.

My daughter in law just got a quilt from her Mom yesterday.  Her Mom has had the long arm quilter

This month makes seven years I have been writing my blog,  there have been a couple of hundred posts since I started. You  I usually only leave my posts up for awhile, but I have enjoyed it immensely,  I dislike trying to edit on it though.  But in many ways  I have been enriched in my life through it, and especially from your other blogs.  Thank you for sharing your days with me.

I wish you peace.
This month makes seven years I have been on blogger.  It has been a wonderful experience for me, althoughthat belonged to her mother a few years now, since the lady passed away.  She has finally found time to practice some more on it, and sent this one by way of another daughter from Kentucky.  My DIL washed it, but I brought it home, and have had it airing out on my line.  It is not perfect in construction, but it does not have to be.  The grandmother spent many years making and selling quilts   quilted on it.  My DIL told her Mom to quit squinting at it as she used it, it was making her head pitch to the side, smile.  So she gave that a try, and guess what her quilting improved!  Guess a good straight view could improve a lot of things for us all!

I wanted to share a photo of it, even since this one was made, she has really improved her technique.  She has recently sold many, and now has a long waiting  list to work on.  Hoping she can find some time at some point to do a couple for me.  But this early work still deserves the spot light, it is a gift from the heart, and now thanks to this wonderful spring breeze will be delightful to curl up under.

I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter!  Have fun with the dinners, the eggs, the candy, and the baskets.  Please remember the true reason it is celebrated, Resurrection of the Lord.  Apart from Him, we have no hope.

Blessings be abundant unto you from my home in the mountains!  Annie

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Acid Watcher Diet, a book review

The Acid Watcher Diet, by Jonathan Aviv, is a book designed to reduce acid reflux, and change your lifestyle to eliminate the deterioration associated with it, and to avoid the health risks and dangers of complications from it.

I chose this book, because my own dear Sweetheart has been seriously dealing with this problem for quite some time now.  I have taken copious notes, and reread several sections of this book in an effort to help him.  There are several things we were already acquainted with regarding reflux, and it's associated problems, so not all of the information in the book was new.  The basic premise of the book is to take out oxidized acidic processed foods from your diet, and replace it with more natural less processed food, whole grains, and fiber.

It lists acid food, and the risks associated with acid consumption.  Free radicals, that can can cancer, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, throat and stomach damage, pepsin from the stomach that can basically eat away in the throat, pH  balancing, and other issues are discussed in great detail.  It.
lists two phases to implement changes in lifestyle, The Healing Phase, and The Maintenance Phace, designed to shift your body to a better quality of life.  There are food charts, what to avoid, and what can help heal and maintain optimum life.There are recipes, exercise charts,  and meal plans.

This is a very good book, I will admit my husband will not implement every aspect of the book.  But I do believe the information in it can help him in many ways.  As I stated earlier, I was familiar with some of the material prior to reading this.  I also think that it might take a longer time frame to add in changes to his lifestyle. Another thing, I need to go back, and reread many sections of the book.  There is a lot of information that I will need to review in it, so I expect to refer to it many times more than just my initial reading of it.

I received this book from 'blogging for books' free, to review.  I received no other compensation for it, the opinions are my own.

If you suffer from sinus isssues, heartburn, GERD, swallowing difficulties, allergies, autoimmune difficulties, or stomach problems, this would be a good book to read to see if these acidic foods are at work on your system.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A book review, Murder On The Moor by Julianna Deering

I have long been a fan of old English mysteries.  Sherlock Holmes, being my favorite, as well as Agatha Christy, and many others.

This book has that tone, a dark old manor house out on the Moor, where murder has come to call, and left its deadly mark.  There are myriad scenes to the plot, and many shady characters to pull you through the pages.

This is the first Drew Farthering series book I have read, but it will not be the last!  He and his lovely wife Madeline set off to help an old school chum Beaky Bloodworth solve a murder, the poor vicar was the first, but is not the last!  The village of Bunting's Nest is full of suspects, and rugged characters with many things up their sleeves to hide.  Beaky's own new wife Sabrina is secretly going off to the Moor, and Drew's old sweetheart rears her head in the form of Sabrina.  He wonders if they were cut from the same cloth, and just what was her reason for marrying his old friend?  Madeline meanwhile has her own thoughts on Sabrina's behavior, and they don't gel with what Drew thinks at all.  Drew has quite a revelation coming to him, when he comes to realize his pride has gotten in the way.

There are many mysterious happenings near the old home, someone is living in the old abandoned kiln, and the old fallen tower church.  Huge gigantic hound prints appear, and there are bumps and things in the night going on in the dilapidated wing of the manor.  Cars are tampered with, it will keep you guessing what the next move is, and who is the guilty party.

A call comes for help, but is turned away, and another murder of an innocent old woman occurs.  What did she know?  Is that what cost her her life?  Did that involve Mrs. Bloodworth  herself, or she innocent?  What has the  old the evil Midgley been up to, and who is giving him money to pass around the pub? Welsh gamekeeper Delwyn is keeping his own secrets, and comes to blows with the poacher.  There are clandestine meetings strung throughout the book.  It will surely keep you guessing as the motives of the characters.

This is a clean read, with references to God, but it leaves you to draw your own conclusions, and is a period piece full of mysterious places, and people.  It has several thought provoking scenes.  It is very engaging, and I honestly enjoyed it.  This book proves you can have a great mystery to solve without continually having to read profanity to get to the end of it.  I hope to read more of the series!

I received this book from Bethany House, the publisher, free to review.  That is the only compensation I received.  The opinions are my own.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Seekers a book review

I just enjoyed reading Amish Cooking Class, The Seekers, by Wanda E. Brunstetter.

I must say I found it such an enjoyable book.  I am a fan of Amish fiction, and have read many of her books, but I found this one to be especially enjoyable.  Lots of characters seeking a change in their lives, and they find themselves on Lyle and Heidi Troyer's farm, to take cooking lessons in a real Amish kitchen.  Like the quilt series books that Wanda published a few years ago, this book blends different backgrounds of the characters into a very enjoyable story.

This book does contain Bible scripture in each lesson, and it is put forth in a simple format of a recipe card.  The recipes shared in the book sound very good, and are included in the back of the book!

I had trouble putting this book down, and finished it way too quickly!  I found myself eager to see the book unfold, and there was a very good surprise ending to it.  It is a wonderful book based on simple principles, love, and forgiveness.

If you enjoy Amish fiction, this is a wonderful book.  I am hoping Wanda will follow it up with more books in the series!

I am receiving nothing for my opinion, but just hoped to share such an enjoyable read!  There are too  many harsh terrible things going on, and we all need a break from the media and everything out there.  This book is a just plain lovely place to visit and unwind for awhile.

Bravo, Wanda!  Thank you for that!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

This is what we are doing this year 😊

This is what we did last year, and the photo shows what we are going to do this year too!

Children are a heritage of the Lord.  We are thankful!

Monday, January 30, 2017

January's End

Hello Friends!

It's hard to believe but January is winding to a close, we had three inches of snow this morning, but most of it has melted off.  That is the most snow we have had this season, this is only  the fifth day of snow at all.  The rest were blowing gusting days, that came and quickly went. The wind is still bitterly cold.  I am hoping this does not follow the early months of 2015, when that happened we had six feet of snow come the first of February, and stay until the first week of March with many Artic blasts.  That year January went pretty much like this month has been, but I still hope for no repeats! 😊


You've seen her before, my little back deck angel sitting in her spot by the steps.   I will tell you a quick little story  regarding how she came to live with me.  Years ago there was a very old store that sat on the side of the road.  At one time, it had a store on one end, and a family lived on the other.  Through the years, people came and went and the old store ended up on both sides of the building.  It was perched on a very steep hill, and slowly began to slide off toward the river.  The people abandoned it, and only the front half of it was still attached to a concrete pad at the top beside the road, the other half hung loosely to the front, but the piers had long since fallen off into the river.

Now I confess I have always been driven to save stuff.  Long before hoarders came into fashion, I was dragging things home, especially wooden boards and furniture, and refinishing them, yes I still hoarded them too!  My Sissy Two and I decided it is a disease our Momma passed on to us,  she pretty much escaped much of it, but my poor Sissy One, and I did not!  Long before salvage became mainstream, I lived it, one board, one piece at a time.  Back to the angel, well you see she lived in front of the oval door of the house side of that old store.

At some point someone who lived there had salvaged a wonderful old white painted door with curlicues, and a big oval glass in the center, and hung it on that old place.  It was a handmade door from an old style farmhouse, at least eighty years old, probably more when it came to be there at the store.  By the time I came along, and the drop off to the river was immenient, the door had pretty much rotted along with the rest of the place.  Too late to save it, but the center section was still intact, with the oval glass.

Then the state came along, and finally decided to knock the thing down and run a four lane there.  Nowadays they condemn buildings, and post it to keep out trespassers, hoarders like me, from entering in but then they did not.  I guess they assumed no one was crazy enough to go in there anyway hanging off the road the way it was. But they did not know me, no I did not go in, but I did talk my Sweetie husband into trying to get the center out of that door.  He pried it loose from the outside.  Later I refinished it, painted it, and had a mirror put in it.  I kept it awhile, and yard saled 
it at some point, like countless other things I have done through the years.

The little concrete angel had had her head knocked off a some point, and whoever had her, had reglued it on, and when he rescued the door, he rescued her too.  I remember telling him, "they busted her head off, that's why they left her behind."   Yes, poor man that he is, he still has to live with me talking like that.  So now, she has been here ever since.  It really must have been better glue then than what we can buy now, because it never fell off again.  :)  So now you know, I confessed I am a hoarder.

A couple of gourds my son bought me when they went to the pumpkin patch in the falll.  They're out on the back deck too, drying, maybe rotting away.  If they survive, I'll wash they off with bleach water, and use them to decorate the table, if not I'll take all the seeds out and plant them all over his back fenceline to climb every tree there.  He would have a fit, if that happens!