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A Quilt Tale

Many years ago my grandmother loved to piece quilts.  She worked in several different dress shops, and was a beautiful woman, who knew it too.  She loved to piece quilts, but she didn’t like to quilt them.  As far as I know, she did make me a baby quilt, but all her other work was quilt tops only.  Fifty years ago, she was forced to leave her home, she had developed throat cancer, from fabric dust, they thought at the time,  and move into a trailer in my Momma's back yard.  She and granddaddy lived there but not for very long.  She suffered the effects of surgery, and lost her ability to speak, after having a feeding tube inserted for her food.  She died in April that year, and sadly enough granddaddy died exactly sixty days later, to the minute, of a broken heart, my family believed. He was sixteen years older than her, but did not want to go on without his beautiful wife.

When they died, her children divided up their few belongings.  They had never had much to begin with, but h…

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