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Noelle A Book Review

This is a very good book, but it does get off to a slow start.   I honestly did not like the beginning because it involves the neglect of animals, and unfeeling characters.  It takes a bit of time for the story to evolve to the point where you want to continue reading it.

Noelle is a unattractive dog thrust into the middle of Christmas in a small town.  She has no bounds to her energy and is into everything.  Todd, the young man that rescues her is trying to train her to be a service dog at the new no kill animal shelter.  But Todd has problems of his own, and needs to find a way to tell his parents that he has moved into an apartment with his girlfriend.  He also finds out pretty quickly that he is going to be a Dad himself, even with his learning disabilities, and a handicapped fiancĂ© he is sure he can get everything “in order”.

Todd’s parents are dealing with Hank retiring from his role of Santa Claus, and have to find a way to salvage Christmas for the children.  His Mom comes up…

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