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Pretty Spring Days

Friends. Such pretty Spring days have come to the mountains.  We have been out and about running through the woods again.  It is a favorite activity of ours.  We have recently been through several weeks of off and on flooding.  I think the extra moisture has added to the green springing up after yesterdays snow.

Today I saw that one young calf determined to get out into the road side ditch.  Three times running it has gotten out to munch along the hillside.  I pray for it, and for the vehicles cruising past like us.

Today I watched tbe red tail hawk flying high over the mountain peaks.  I saw the river flowing deep and green,  but clear.  The trees were tangled with vines twelve feet high where recent rains have brought high the waters.

I drove along several new to us, old roads.  They were cliff hangers, and the pavement barely clung to the high ridges they were green but still hiding snow in the coves where the sun never reaches.

I hope you find time to enjoy your  days.   They slip…

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