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Happy New Year & The Ladies Of Ivy Cottage A book review

Hello friends. Happy New Year!
It is bitterly cold here in the mountains today and that is the forecast for the entire week.    It is the perfect  time to stay in a read a good book!

Julie Klassen has written a lovely book based in historic England.  It is a romance but has many levels of interest apart from that as well.  The lovely ladies experience many conflicting turbulent situations that test their faith and their friendship. Can you trust God  to work for your good even in the midst of scandal, death, pain, separation, and doubts?  The Ladies lead the way in this engaging tale.

Rachel Ashford  has lost her home after a terrible scandal and her father's death.  She finds herself seeking charity from her friends and her community.  The idea comes that using her father's beloved books, her only inheritance, that she might find a way to support herself through a subscription library. She must depend upon the benevolence of others to bring it pass.  She must also deal with …

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