Monday, September 12, 2016

Sweet As Honey book review

Looking for a fun, sweet read, this first in the series The Honeybee Sisters is it!
Written by Jennifer Beckstrand, meet the Christner sisters, Lily, Poppy, and Rose, along with their Aunt Bitsy, handsome Dan Kanagy, and mean spirited Paul Glick.

The first book in the series finds you deep in the Amish countryside surrounded by dandelions, bees, romance, secrets, mischief, and long deep pain of being bullied.  Words sting too, and so often, the  deep buried insults have a way of festering only to pop out later when you least seeing coming.

Forgiveness is a wonderful theme in the story of sisters bound in love, and submitting to someone when they've belittled you for years hurts Lily in more ways than one.  Thankfully humor and adventure come together  to the rescue just in time.  Follow along and enjoy this new series.  I know I did!

No compensation from anyone for this review,  I enjoyed it so much, and these are my own opinions.
Just promoting a clean enjoyable book that's fun and made me smile. :) If you like Amish fiction, you will enjoy this one.

Autumn is knocking at my door, and I am loving it!
Hope you all have a wonderful month of September!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Summer

Hello Friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

I know things in the world are not wonderful, but I decided to make the best of what I can, and just plain pray about everything.  That carries heaven's significance not mine, and I know not what tomorrow holds, I have only today.  I have come to a place where sometimes, I just can't do an
ything else.  So that is what I do, just plain pray!  It is enough to do it, with an expectant heart!

Our summer is flying by, the dog days are here, humid, hot and steamy. I have been enjoying my day lilies again this year, and some tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, and watermelon.

We often go out on the back roads, my kids, my son and daughter in law, call it piddlin' and joy riding I thought on that one, and I believe they are right.  It does bring me a lot of joy, and has for years longbefore my Seeetie came down the track, me, my Momma and older brother did that. 
 The four lane changed the exact route we used to go on, but the hills and valleys are still there. The sky opens up like a curtain, day or night and just plain brings me joy and quiet contentment.  Most times the crows or cattle or the peepers are the only music we listen to.  Unless it's Sunday night, then I love to listen to the radio preachers.  They bring me a lot to think about, where I stand and all, and where I need to straighten up, and quit acting like a heathen, as Sissy  Two would say, grin.  

Not so long ago, just a few weeks in fact, we celebrated my MIL's birthday.  It was good to get together, see the three new this year babies, and talk about the old days.  We missed many, several have gone on.  More new faces are round the table now, but they don't take the place of the others, they just make their own places in our hearts.  Mamaw was not happy, oh she tried real hard, but her heart was hurting over one of her own kids health issues, and she let that spoil her day.  You know it's just plain hard when you're hurting, over someone you love, and there is nothing you can do to change the situations.  Yes, I know too, but I think on that, and wonder if eighty five will find her 
next year, happy and joyous, or even more hurt, and in pain.  My Sweetie and I speak of what kind of 
legacy do we want to leave behind, what will they remember about me after I've crossed over?  I hope the good times. and not just the miseries of hard days.  I don't want to drink bitter water, and  share it around.  I'd rather pass round the good and be a blessing, and not a curse.

Everyday I  look for the good, sometimes it's just plain to heavy to try and carry other people's burdens, but you the best you can, but don't let it swamp you either.  There's a fine line to giving over to the good Lord burdens, and yet bearing someone else to Him first.  I fail at that!  I still try though, else then I be the one who is a burden to the next person.

Seek out joy, and hope.  You really do have a choice, it's on the inside, so dig deep and hold on with both your hands, tight.  It is a single fact of life, your heart belongs to God, and to you! Be a fragrant incense round His throne when you pray.  By all means, pray, but smell sweet to Him, as soon as you enter into His court.  Hope and joy do that, they smell good around His feet, so wash your prayers with the sweet living water.  It will flow up, and mend your aching hearts.  

Monday, May 30, 2016

God Bless America!

Hello friends!

So good to be back among the land of the living, grin!
Teasing of course!
Believe it or not, after months of not being able to access my blog because my other computer died, and Google would not recognize me.  I was finally able to pull it up long enough to get back into it for a few minutes.  I have started another blog called Scrappalachi2.  Google still will not give me email on that for some reason known only to blogland, but I'm still around, and reading your blogs.

I have ventured further over the pond into some very nice blogs on frugal living, and saving, because at some point I'd like to travel over that away and see where my people came from.  I still love prim and country blogs, and am often playing catch up on so many that I have loved since I first started blogging over five years ago.

My dear Sweetie and I hope to celebrate our anniversary in the next week or so, thirty eight years if the good Lord lets us.  Our lives have been up and down, here and there for quite a long while now, and we'll carry on as long as the good Lord tarys before His return, and be grateful for every day.

Our sweet grand boy made his appearance in March, we are blessed. (His hair is coming in red! Oh my! What tumultuous days lie ahead with that!

Summer is on us, and the spring has flown.  My feet still run to the woods, the hills,  the curvy twisted back roads, and the river banks of home.  Our old place is facing her centennial soon, much like me in the not too far distant horizon.  Home, it speaks of peace, quiet corners, supper on the table, old quilts, baskets, mocking bird songs in the night, gentle breezes, and comfort familiarity.

I long to sit on the porch and break beans, slice sweet red tomatoes off the vine, taste the sweet peaches and cream corn, and hear the train whistle way off down the gap to the nether reaches of high rugged hills.  I look daily for the coming of the Lord, His sweet presence is with me in my heart, but I long for the day when He calls me further up unto Him.

Just a few hot weeks ago, we laid my older brother to rest, another one gone on before me.  I had not been able to get to the hospital to see him, things tangled up, and timing was off.  He went pretty quickly from Saturday to Thursday.  When we finally did get there it was nigh on to midnight.  Sissy Two had been told he was waiting on his middle son to get there before he would let go and cross that threshold.  She said , No, the Lord says he is waiting on Ann."  Well dear friends, after I got in the room, he left us less than ten minutes later.  No words were exchanged, but none were necessary either.  None of us are promised more days, you've got to take each one, grab it with both hands and be thankful, and make the most of each.  Hang on to the your faith, until your time of rest and peace bids you enter in.

Dear friends it is do good to say, hello, and smile your way.  I look up toward the far hills and wish you peace, joy, and hope, and smiles!  God bless you all, and on this Memorial Day  2016,
God Bless America!  I am thankful, here in the mountains of home.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Mauraders

Growing  up, my Moma  loved westerns, they were always on. She said it was because of the scenery in them.  I think she had soft spot for leading men, and for memories of serial westerns from the movies she used to go to years before. I had a soft spot for John Wayne, but only  for certain titles, and quotes.  Otherwise, I hated the violence and refused to watch them.  I still feel that way. Recently I told a sweet friend, (Dear Angela) about the two soft spots in my head and heart I call, "The Marauders".

These two are just like like the ones in old western movies when they run.  You know the scene, you're up on a buckboard or stage coach, and the horses are running like crazy, and all you can see is dust flying, lead lines whipping, manes and tails flying like the wind, and ears sticking straight up.  The movie folks holding on are getting dragged, bumped, and pulled hard all the way down the road. Well, that is me when they walk me at my son's house.

They start barking and jumping, as soon as they hear the car coming down the road, through the house walls, you can hear them, it's Loud!  There is no doubt, they are ready to run.  The neighbors must love it when I come to visit.  I'm the only one who goes with them down to the swamp, below the old cemetery, and through the bear and rabbit runs of the wilderness.  I had them out day before yesterday early and today too.  I thought I would show you a glimpse of them, after their run, when I'm trying to coerce them back inside.  You can see who walks who, and who does the herding around here.

I hope you're having a wonderful January.
I hope you're faring well in spite of the storms.   
God bless you, please be kind to other people.
Everyone is dealing with something difficult, and life is too short for drama.  If I can save some pain and heartache, I would like to. If I can lose anything this year, I'd like to lose drama, other peoples and mine.


Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year!

Friends I hope the New Year will bring you many blessings.  I've decided I need to Save this year.  Boys howdy, do I!  Here's a list, it's not complete but will be a work in progress.

I want to save scripture, and hide it in my heart, so I'll have when I need it.

I want to remember  the good times, so when times are not so good I will have them to remind me and help me go on.

I want to save time, and stop squandering something that goes too fast, so I'll use my time for good for others when I can.

I want to develop some good habits, and let others fall by the wayside.

I want to save my money for the right things, and let go of excess baggage, buying stuff I don't really need.

I want to save myself some heartache, and tell people I love them now, and not live with regrets later because I didn't tell them.

I want to save many words, because not everything needs to be said, and listening well is an art.

I want the Lord to lead me, instead of being headstrong and heading down my own path, wandering around in the wilderness.

I want to offer encouragement, not discouragement, and save other people tears and pain.

I want to make this year the very best I can, and as much as possible live in peace with others.  I want to save my hope, and not let doubt and fear rule my life.

I want to save my joy, it is too precious to waste.

You get the idea, save all you can, lose what you need to, spread the good, and not the bad.  Keep looking up, and remember Jesus loves you!